MONICA MAURO DESIGNER OF THE YEAR 2017 Now at the Arizona Biltmore, A Waldorf Astoria resort!

Monica was recently named as the “Emerging Designer of the Year 2017”  by Phoenix Fashion Week.  Before receiving this title she was faced with the challenge to create a design that was inspired by Phoenix Fashion Week. For this challenge, she designed a 2 tone black and white necklace with a feather pendant.  The black and white theme was inspired by the PHXFW logo as well as the tail feathers of the Arizona State Bird, the Cactus Wren.  Her necklace also features her signature druzy beads and a gorgeous white druzy crystal chip. She calls this design “The Phoenix” and is now available!

Monica was also recently selected as 1 of only 6 to participate in the “Emerging Designer Showcase” at the prestigious WWD Magic trade show in Las Vegas.  This honor also was accompanied by a competition for a chance to fly to Paris to present her druzy jewelry collection to the buyers from Galleries Lafayette. She is still eagerly awaiting to see if she will earn this grand opportunity.

Monica has several very exciting things happening right now including adding new necklace and earring designs for the Fall season as well as the upcoming launch of her Men’s bracelet collection!  Don’t leave without signing up for her mailing list so we can keep you updated.

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Monica is also offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders for a limited time!  You can also check the locations page to find out what resorts/boutiques are currently carrying Monica’s Druzy Jewelry Collection.


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